The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery Book

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Meet the angels, dragons, and masters of Atlantis who will help you to activate your seventh- and ninth-dimensional energies in these 20-30 minute visualizations. They will guide you to reclaim your mastery, experience enlightenment, and remember who you truly are. You will learn to: 

  • Return to the golden era of Atlantis and embody a vast download of crystalline Atlantean light
  • Work with the dragons and elementals for support and protection and get to know your personal dragon
  • Visit Lord Kuthumi's Halls of Learning and meet other ascended masters who want to lead you into a higher state of being
  • Receive a ninth-dimensional light bath to bring you joy, happiness, and love
  • Expand your 12 ascension chakras and raise your percentage of light to that of an enlightened master

 Each meditation will assist you on your journey to enlightenment and mastery

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