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Our Animal Spirit Guide(s), or as also called, our Power Animal or Totem Animal, is a teacher or messenger who protects and/or guides us.  Our guides are with us when we need them and may stay with us most of our life or we may get a new one as our needs and lives change. Some could even come to us just to give us a

special message, warning, or reminder.  Pay attention to your surroundings and watch for their signs.  You

will often see them three times in a row, in different forms, as they try to get a message to you. Sometimes you just need to see them once and you know that you need to listen for their message or look them up in

the book to get their message. Examples of how they may show themselves to you include:

A picture on a book bag, a piece of art on the wall that you notice, a shirt someone is wearing, an animal in nature (like an eagle soaring above you), a bus driving by with an animal on it. Usually the same animal will repeat over and over again and you will think to yourself-ok! I will look it up in my book and find out what you are trying to tell me or you can speak in your mind to the Spirit Animal and ask what you should know. 

This box includes:  Stone Animal, Animal Totem Stone, Animal Card, Spirit Animal Book, Spirit Animal Necklace

We will always insert information on how to use the products that are included in your box but if you have any questions, please give us a call at 612-202-7803 or message us on Facebook at Crystalrockhealing, LLC.

Thank you for choosing “The Spirit Box”! We know that you will love receiving and using our exciting and useful products and we are blessed you are with us.  All of the essential oil products we personally make here at Crystal Rock so be rest assured they are all natural, pure, and organic.

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