Spirit Box™-Immunity Support and Defense

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We all need to keep our immune system in tip top shape and defend ourselves against viruses and bacteria. When we get run down, stressed out, or come against a health threat, we need to boost our immunity back up and protect ourselves.  Along with eating healthy, the items in this box will help you to boost your immune system and defend it, with some items that can help you to fight  off the germs you may pick up.

 Here are the products in this box and how to use them: 

Medieval Remedy Concentrate

This oils in this concentrate are proven to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.  Use this concentrate with your diffuser to keep your house and air in tip top shape and use it to make your own immune support and defense products if you want.  

Stone to carry

Bloodstone-A natural detoxifier, cleanses blood stream, helps fight a Cold or Flu.

 Immune Support Bracelet

All the great immune support rocks in one place! Wear it everyday to fend off sickness and boost your immune system.

 Medieval Spray 2oz

Spray this blend of essential oils on yourself everyday to reap the benefits of these fantastic oils. Originally this group of oils were used to protect robbers when they were robbing bubonic plaque victim’s homes. Spray it on your pulse points like the veins on your wrists daily to keep you healthy or two or more times a day when you

feel sick or have been exposed. This blend is also useful for a quick cleaning of your hands or surfaces that you come in contact with like the shopping cart handle.

 White Sage 4” Roll

Burning sage helps kill bacteria in the air and also clears negative and foreign energies from the air.

 Palo Santo Stick

Put this Palo stick into your hot water and make yourself a tea.  Palo helps boost your immune system, congestion/asthma, headaches, stress, anxiety, inflammation, emotional trauma, fighting free radical damage, and also is effective for relieving symptoms of a cold, pain, and for healing many other conditions. Use it many times in your tea and then burn it to clear the air. 

Thank you for choosing “Spirit Box”! We know that you will love using our exciting and useful products and we are blessed you are with us.  All of the essential oil products, jewelry and other items we personally make here at Crystal Rock so be rest assured they are all natural, pure, and organic and if you ever break a jewelry item we will fix it for you at no charge.  We will always insert information on how to use the products that are included in your box but if you have any questions, please give us a call at 612-202-7803 or message us on Facebook at Crystalrockhealing, LLC.


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