Past Spirit Box - Chakra

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Chakras are the energy centers of our body. If we have a Chakra that is shut down, or not completely open, then we could have difficulties in our life.  Some examples are: Grief shuts down our Heart Chakra and that makes it hard for us to recover from the loss and maybe to love again. Our Root Chakra can shut down from trouble with finances, moving etc.  When this Chakra is shut down we fear money and feel very unstable and ungrounded.  We have 7 main Chakras and about 2000 altogether in our body.

This box includes Crown Chakra Spray, Third Eye Chakra Roll On, Chakra Balancing Bracelet, Chakra Stone Pack, a Chakra Book and a Chakra Tote Bag.

Included in all of our boxes is a letter that explains the purpose and how to use each product in that particular box.

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