Natural Stone Gem Bracelet 7 inch 8mm Stretch -Chakra with Clear Quartz

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Chakra stones are great for opening, activating, and balancing your Chakras.  Having your Chakras opened and balanced helps with many things; such as your spirituality, intuition, communication skills, psychic ability, loving others and yourself, inner-joy, creativity, grounding and much more.

This bracelet is enhanced with Clear Quartz.  One of the most versatile and multi-dimensional stones in the mineral kingdom for healing, meditation, and expansion of consciousness.  Helpful when communicating with guides, past-life recall, attracting love, and prosperity. Amplifies, transmits, and enhances other stones.  Produces a protective shield around the body.  It brings strength and clarity to the intellect.  A master healer crystal, it can be used for any condition.

   Please note that due to variations in natural stone, there may be some variation in shape and shade of color in the stones used. 

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