Garnet in Astrophyllite Obelisk Tower #3

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Garnet- "The Stone of Commitment.”  It inspires love and devotion.  A powerful energizer aligning serenity with passion, brings hope in difficult times and helps one to let go of obsolete ideas.  Clears interfering and unwanted energies.  It is said to bring success in matters of the heart as well as in business.  It purifies and energizes the cells, blood, lungs and heart.

Astrophyllite- The stone of growth and moving forward on your life path.  It helps you accept your regretful past actions by providing positive light.  It protects, grounds and calms.  It is referred to as the “marriage stone” as it aids fidelity, truth and honesty for life partners.  It helps to enhance your psychic abilities plus protects from psychic attack.  Assists the 3rd eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakras.



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