Blackberry Flavored Tea 2 oz Organic

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These herbs are a blend of premium full-bodied black teas and blackberry leaves flavored with blackberry, making it a lush, fruity, sweet steep with floral notes. It is a wonderfully smooth treat. Try it as a tea with a bit of sugar or over ice with a sprig of mint for a refreshing taste, or add it to any dish or smoothie for extra blackberry flavor!

Ingredients: Organic China Black F.O.P. Tea, Organic Assam T.G.F.O.P. Tea, organic blackberry leaf, and organic flavor.

2 oz. Loose Herbs

Suggested Uses: For hot or cold tea, pour 8-12 oz of boiling water over 1 tsp. of herbs or more to desired taste. Steep 3-4 min.

Certified USDA Organic, Contains Caffeine.

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