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This box contains the tools that will make learning in school easier.  It will help you to protect your energy, keep you from picking up other peoples energy, and will help you to fight anxiety that school can bring-between tests and other energies we take on.


Here are the products in this amazing box and how to use them: 

School Spirit Bracelet Made especially for everything you will need for school. This bracelet contains the gemstones:

Green Apatite for creativity, balances emotions, gives positivity, clears mental blocks and increases inner strength.  

Black Obsidian is for protection, grounds scattered energies, deflects negativity and allows one to release disharmony within yourself.

Blue Lace Agate helps with communication, calming, and very uplifting. Helps ease anger in emotions and attitude.

Ametrine for focus, clarity, calming and confidence.

Fluorite is great for focus, and allows for mental and physical coordination, clarity, organization, and processing. 

Hematite for stability, protection, grounding and deflects harmful energies. Helps you to avoid energy vampires, or psychic vampires, who drain your energy. It’s associated with the base chakra.

Lepidolite to help with anxiety and depression whether it is yours or something you are picking up from others.  It has a strong relaxing, balancing and calming effect. 

 Focus Roll On 10ml Roll on your temples and pulse points like your wrists.  Brings focus to your brain.

 Confidence Roll On 10ml Roll on your shoulders to bring you balance, on your throat to help with communication and confidence.

 Energy Roll On 10ml Apply to your pulse points, temples or practically anywhere to vibe up your energy and get you going.


Medieval Roll On 10ml Apply to your pulse points or bottom of your feet to increase your immune system and keep you healthy.


Stone Keychain A fun way to bring a calming, grounding, energy to school.


Lepidolite Stone Also known as the “Lavender stone”. It has a strong relaxing, balancing and calming effect. It is used for dream work, dream recall, and reduces nightmares. It decreases stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, PTSD, anger, panic attacks, addictions, and traumas.  Carry this stone with you and hold it when you need a little extra help. 

  We will always insert information on how to use the products that are included in your box but if you have any questions, please give us a call at 612-202-7803 or message us on Facebook at Crystalrockhealing, LLC.

Thank you for choosing “The Spirit Box”! We know that you will love using our exciting and useful products and we are blessed you are with us.  All of the essential oil products we personally make here at Crystal Rock so be rest assured they are all natural, pure, and organic. We also make all of the jewelry so if anything should break even if it was your fault, we would be happy to fix it for you at little or no charge.


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