Stones for Energy

Stones for Energy

Not only are crystals beautiful many radiate their own energy. That's right, our entire earth is a big ball of energy, and rocks and crystals come from the earth. We too are all energy, and there are many days we all could use a little more of it!
The following crystals are great resources to bring some extra oomph into your day. Make sure to be open and harness the energy they provide, meditate briefly with it and keep it by your side!


Sodalite’s name comes from its high sodium content, which makes it a very cleansing stone. Ranging in color from navy to royal blues, often with strands of white calcite. 

Sodalite helps with energy by purifying your aura. A cloudy aura filled with negative and disharmonious energies burdens you, while a clean aura supports balance and harmony within you. Sodalite also frees your physical body of the negative mental energies that impede the body’s functioning and interfere with the expression of its true energetic nature.

Sodalite can also clear your physical body of excess mental energies.  These energies disrupt metabolic functions and perpetuate physical ailments of all kinds. Sodalite lifts the mental weight from your body, helping to restore its vitality. Sodalite strengthens the energy flows throughout your body.

Crazy Lace Agate
With a myriad of colors in an intense swirling patter, crazy lace agate was originally discovered in Mexico and infuses us with the joy and passion if a fiesta.  It calms our mind and activates our body, bringing vitality, strength, and a smile.


A group of minerals with similar properties are all commonly referred to as serpentine. Usually lime to dark green stones with mottled patterns that can resemble snakeskin, serpentine received its name for its snakelike appearance.

Serpentine works by magnifying and clearing the energy field, clearing blockages and allowing the Kundalini to gently rise.  This stone increases our life force vitality and assists us in reclaiming our power to handle life’s difficulties.

Jasper is the opaque form of chalcedony.  This is a common stone that comes in numerous forms and colors.  All jaspers are stabilizing and nurturing, bringing a grounded, balanced sense of being.  Jaspers gently dissipate negativity and give the energy and motivation needed to move forward in a sure and steady manner, especially during times of stress.


A somewhat translucent to opaque mass form of quartzite, with flakes of mica within that give it a sparkle or “aventurescence”.  The green color comes from fuchsite, with occasional layers of pyrite or hematite.  Aventurine uplifts and strengthens one’s most distressed organ by encouraging the organ's healthiest cells to distribute their vitality throughout the organ.  It also releases the energetic residues of drugs or chemicals from an organ.


An orange to red-brown crystal, carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Although often a solid color, carnelian is sometimes variegated or banded. The dark red-brown form is often referred to as sard.  It is sometimes heated or dyed to make it more colorful.

Carnelian carries the orange color ray. The orange ray nourishes and vitalizes your entire being, bestowing optimism and enthusiasm for life.  At the cellular level, the orange ray motivates cells to achieve greater health.  On the whole-person level, it inspires you to make the changes that will move you toward your life's goal or dream.  An energetic and empowering stone, carnelian gives us the enthusiasm, strength, and stamina to pursue our passions and attain our highest goals.  It is a warming and protective stone that activates our adrenals, assists circulation and detox, and can warm those who feel cool easily.


A type of jasper, Mookaite comes in a variety of bold maroon reds to mustard yellows, some with off-white mixed in.  This stone is found in Australia.  Mookaite has an invigorating energy that nurtures our life force.  With a balance of joy and soothing, it brings a happy-go-lucky feel.


Most citrine is initially amethyst in the Earth.  The yellow color develops after trace amounts of iron in the stone are naturally irradiated. Most citrine on the market today has been heat-treated to create the yellow color more quickly.  Citrine is cleansing, energizing, and brightening. Shining with the energy of the sun, it infuses light into our body, clearing blockages.  


Not sure which one you need?

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- By Dr. Andrea Hillstad, Naturopathic Doctor

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