Making the switch to natural hair care products – The Know How + Tips

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Making the switch to natural hair care products – The Know How + Tips

Switching to natural shampoo and natural conditioner can change the appearance of your hair and is better for the environment.

However, like natural deodorant, it does take a little bit of time to transition. But once you make the switch the long-term benefits for you and your family being free from those chemicals and the benefits for your hair and scalp, will be all worth it! 


Natural hair care products, like Crystal Rocks Healing’s formula, are are free of parabens and phthalates, sulfates and alcohol. Parabens and phthalates are endocrine disruptors or harmful chemicals that disrupt the hormone system, and can lead to a wide range of significant health harms, including cancer.

Many products, including Crystal Rock’s are also free of fragrances, gluten and vegan. Our products also use witch hazel to help purify hair and remove unwanted build up.


Less bubbles.
Sulfates are added to shampoos to create a bigger lather, but they also strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Even if you don’t get lots of bubbles, it doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

You may need to shampoo twice – rinse and repeat- for the first few days as it take a bit for your scalp to adjust. 

You will notice a change in your hair in scalp.
Your hair might see a little extra heavy or greasy OR dry for the first few weeks.  This is a temporary side effect as your hair and scalp get used to the new formula without all harsh chemicals that strip away the natural oils.  

How to shampoo and condition.
Be sure to rinse your hair well as any shampoo residue may make your hair feel heavier. Natural shampoos take a longer time to rinse than traditional shampoos because they do not contain surfactants like sulfates that quickly dissolve oils.

Natural conditioners should only be used on the hair lengths and rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can also simply not condition at all in the shower and leave a small amount on the ends of your hair after you towel dry it.

You will end up buying less shampoo and less conditioner.
It will take less to cleanse and moisturize your hair once the PH levels are all balanced. Also you may need to even wash your hair less frequently, as your scalp will not be producing extra oil to compensate for the stripping from harsh chemicals. Your scalp will find its natural oil-balance, and your hair will be naturally more conditioned as a result.

Healthier, well-balanced hair.
After a few weeks of using natural shampoos and conditioners, your body should balance out and give you healthier looking hair than ever before. Your hair’s texture should be more balanced with less oil at the roots and healthy moist tips. Some people experience fuller hair and better hair growth as a result of switching.

(Just make sure you are NOT flip-flopping and using your old stuff in between or along side of the natural hair care products.)




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