How to Use Oracle Cards

How to Use Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a great, approachable way to help you tap into the universal spirit and your intuition.
They are meant to provide a sense of guidance, and can help you further develop your inner wisdom, healing, self-love, and emotional well-being.


1.) Selecting a deck

There are many general oracle decks as well as themes such as angels, moonology, crystals, spirit animals, and more.

Go with what you are drawn to, or choose a theme that you think will best help your journey.Tap into your inner wisdom.

Hold the decks in your hands. Stop into one of our locations and hold some. How does it feel? Does it bring your energy up?


2.) Ready yourself and your space

Clear your space - Having a clean, clear space helps to feel connected with your cards. You can sage or incense your room if you’d like.

Center yourself - Take a few deep breathes.
Imagine the energy of the earth and the heavens flowing through you. Call to your spirit/God or Guardians.

** Clear the cards between readings with sage, incense, crystals, signing bowls, or even a simple knuckle knock on the deck.


3.) Decide how to pull/ receive message

There are many ways to pull cards - each deck typically includes a guidebook with suggestions. Here are some basic ways:

Single card pull - Shuffle and let one ‘jump’ or fall out for you. Spread out face down and feel which pulls you. Or cut the deck.

Three card pull - Pull and layout three cards to represent the Past, Present, Future. Or something such as: what needs to be healed, how to do it, and what the future holds. The guidebook often lays out other options as well.


4.) Focus and pull

Focus your intention and ask your open ended question on a situation or part of your life’s journey you are wanting guidance for.

Pull the card(s) in the method you decided or feel  you are called to do.

First look at the cards image. What do you see? How can you relate to it? If nothing, that’s okay! Read the basic text provided. How does it make you feel?  Then dive deeper and read the description in the guidebook.



If you feel called to - journal about how you feel it is meant for you, or about what your next steps in this journey will be. Or keep the card near you for the next day/week/month etc.

Watch for signs, message and coincidences. They are all around you and are the universe whispering to you!

May your inner oracle be awakened!

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