How to cleanse or clear the energy of your space.

How to cleanse or clear the energy of your space.

Saging, smudging, clearing or cleansing has been around for thousands of years, and used across many different religions, cultures and belief systems. 

Do you feel stale, negative energy in your home or space? Or maybe it is residual energy left there from a visitor.  When things feel off, or the kids keep having nightmares, it's time to clear the air!

Many people wonder how to do it?

The best thing about energy cleansing through burning sages, palo santo or incense is that you can’t do it wrong.  (It might not be as effect, but not wrong, and better than none!)

There are MANY ways to do so.  Here’s just one. 

1.) Light the end of it. Carefully light one end of your sage bundle, incense stick or palo santo wood, and let it burn out or simply blow it out once it has a good ember going.

2.) While smoldering/ smoking use the smoke (with the help of a feather) and push it around the room.  Typically it is done left to right, in a room starting at the entrance to the room or a window. If you have a large space like a 3-level home, you'd want to start with the basement, then top level and lastly middle floor.

3.) While allowing the smoke to go around the room, do it with the intention getting rid of negative and foreign energies and bringing in good energy.

You can say things such as:
- "I cleanse this space of any negative energy."
- "I command any and all negative energy to leave this space. You are not welcome here."
- "I release any energies that do not serve me (or this home) and allow in love and light."
- "I call in positive energy, abundance, protect, love and light into this space and into my heart."

4.) Be sure to let out the smoke! Push the smoke around the room and end at a window or door to let it out. Leave open 3-5 minutes. You need to make sure it gets outside. If you burn something and don’t let the smoke out – the negative energy simply stays inside.

5.) You can end with a little meditation or gratitude prayer and make sure whatever you were burning is completely extinguished before leaving it alone.

Abalone shells or burning bowls are great to use to catch any ashes and to let the sage or palo santo fully extinguish.


You can find many type of burnables at our stores and online:

Here is quick run down of the basics:

Palo santo – made from ‘holy wood’: great at clearing and protecting your area.
Great sage-type product without the sage smell.

California sage – Large leaves and easy to burn. A 'classic' energy cleansing plant.

Mugwort – ‘Black sage’. Heavy duty cleaning for negative energies.  And also connecting with higher source.

Cedar sage – Protection, banish fear and courage during difficult times.

Resins – Such as Frankincense and Myhrr – use with a tea-light burner. Frankincense great for stress reduction and connecting with source.

Sweet grass - Burn after you all done cleansing. It brings blessing and good energy back into the home.

Incense - There are numerous types of incense made of different plants, trees, herbs and sometimes spices. They can be found in a classic stick form, cones or even back flow cones (for backflow burners).  Different incenses also have different properties including dispelling negative energy, bringing in relaxation, de-stressing, anti-bacterial properties and much more.


If you are new to energy cleansing - just go ahead - give it a try! Grab a few different type of burnables and see which aroma you are drawn to the most.

Stop by any of our locations and our staff will be happy to help. Or leave us a question or comment below or on social media - Facebook or Instagram.



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