Crystals and the Chakras

Crystals and the Chakras

The concept of Chakras has been around for thousands of years. Chakras are wheels or centers in along the spine that start at the base and run upward to the crown of the head.  They are part of the astral body inside of our physical body that holds and transfers energy.

Each chakra has a different color, energy, and corresponds with specific spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of our life. When energy is blocked or stuck in a Chakra, it is believed to cause disorders in the areas related to that Chakra. Being aware of this and balancing your Chakras can lead to good health.

One way to achieve this is with crystals. Below you still find an explanation of each Chakra and which stones assist with the energy of that Chakra.


Root Chakra

Red is the dominate color of the root chakra. Orange and yellow are strong secondary colors in the root chakra. The root chakra signifies our journey to understanding that we already have all we need, right here, right now. This is our connection to home, family, and community or tribe, as well as having our basic core needs met. Our base structure and foundation, this energy center inspires us to move forward in a safe and grounded way so we may manifest our reality in this realm and secure our potential to thrive.

Crystals for the Root Chakra

Stone that are colored red or burgundy. Green and black stones are calming and protecting in the chakra.

Ruby (most effective), poppy jasper, red coral, garnet, red jasper, red calcite, jet, hematite in quartz, tiger iron, shiva lingam, bloodstone, moss agate, onyx, sardonyx, serpentine.


Sacral Chakra

Orange is the dominate color of the second chakra. Red and yellow are strong secondary colors in the second chakra. Green and Indigo have elements here as well, but much less so. Exploring the deep links between creation, creativity, and sexuality, this energy center is where our life force originates in the body. Processing emotions, passion, pleasure, and intimacy, it is sometimes associated with our ancestors and inspires all types of creative pursuits (including children). Known as the seat of the lower dantian in Eastern traditions, this chakra acts as a furnace that stores the raw energy of the organs and meridians for the entire body—referred to as the “fire in the belly.”

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Orange colored stones, or blue to soothe

Carnelian (most effective), orange or blue calcite, sunstone, tangerine quartz, chrysocolla, orange selenite, blue kyanite, fire agate, unakite, moonstone, pietersite


Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow is the dominate color of the solar plexus chakra. Seen as our inner sun, this chakra represents our journey toward personal empowerment. Here we interface with universal or divine will, connecting us with our gut instincts and what our soul truly wishes for us in this lifetime. Balancing this chakra allows us to release our deepest fears, purify the past, and digest new ideas to bring in the sweetness of life. In creating a strong sense of self, learning to set personal boundaries, balancing will power, and building self-esteem, we gain the awareness to neither be overpowered nor overpower others.

Crystals for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow and gold stone, purple to calm

Citrine (most effective), honey calcite, ametrine, pyrite, tiger’s eye, charoite, malachite, bumble bee jasper, amber, rutilated quartz, lepidolite, yellow fluorite, peridot, sunstone


Heart Chakra

Green is the dominate color of the Heart chakra. All other colors are present in the heart chakra with an under tone of white, due to the unity and balance of the other rays. The heart holds our capacity to give and receive love. Everything we touch is influenced by it. Linked to courage and wisdom, it is our guiding light, encompassing compassion, forgiveness, and the ability to truly connect with and “follow our heart.” As the first organ to form and the one that emits the largest energy field, the heart is starting to be seen as the truest “brain” of the body. It is also known as the middle dantian in Eastern traditions, where it is related to thoughts and emotions. Balancing the energies from above and below, it allows us to open to universal love and gain a fuller understanding of the connection between matter and the mystery of life. Healing truly is centered here, for when we wholeheartedly love and accept ourselves for the fullness of our being—extending the same compassion to ourselves that we might show others—we are able to fully experience the unconditional love of the Divine within us and all around us.

Crystals for the Heart Chakra

Green stones, pink or red to activate

Emerald (most effective), green aventurine, bloodstone, malachite, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink or green calcite, pink or green tourmaline, rhodonite, ruby, kunzite, jade, infinite serpentine, green fluorite, moss agate, peridot


Throat Chakra

Blue is the dominate color of the throat chakra. Purple, green, red and orange play secondary roles in the throat. Connecting with purity and truth, the throat chakra encompasses communication on all levels. Listening is a large part of understanding ourselves and others and, along with verbal and nonverbal interaction, assists us in communicating most effectively. Hearing our own inner voice and expressing our truth are the benefits of a connected and balanced throat chakra, allowing us to share our sense of purpose with the world. Pushing through the energetic “bottleneck” here connects the heart to the head and regulates the energy between body and mind.

Crystals for the Throat Chakra

Teal, light blue, sometimes dark blue stone, orange to activate.

Blue sapphire (most effective), aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, blue aragonite, blue or orange calcite, angelate, celestite, blue kyanite, dumortierite, amazonite, carnelian, larimar, turquoise, aqua aura quartz


Third Eye Chakra

Indigo is the dominate color of the Third Eye chakra. Orange, blue and purple are strong secondary colors in the Third Eye chakra. This chakra represents our journey toward intellect, wisdom, psychic connection, and consciousness. Here we unite the two hemispheres of the brain—reasoning with intuition, the linear with the abstract—leading to a connection of the conscious with the subconscious and ego with spirit. The third eye is also associated with the pineal gland near the center of the brain, which is considered the gateway to higher consciousness, our inner realms, and even other dimensions. A balanced and activated third eye chakra, known as the upper dantian in Eastern traditions, represents being in our infinite potential.

Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra

Indigo, purple, and dark blue stones

Amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite, fluorite, lepidolite, blue chalcedony, charoite, moonstone, opal, optical calcite, ametrine, iolite, blue apatite, labradorite, blue kyanite, stichtite, moss agate


Crown Chakra

Violet is the dominate color of the crown chakra. Large amounts of white light or clear and sometimes golden light are present in the crown. Connecting to the Divine Source of all creation, the crown is key for receiving information from above. This point, known as the Thousand-Petaled Lotus in Hindu traditions, is the peak of self-realization. An open crown chakra brings healing light into the body, activates our inner knowing, and strengthens our energy field. Opening to this light activates all the lower chakras so we may be our most centered self, shine our truest light, and connect to our soul’s mission in this lifetime.

Crystals for the Crown Chakra

Violet, clear, white, purple, gold, some light blues, pastels, and iridescent stones

Amethyst (most effective), tanzanite, clear or rutilated quartz, sugilite, apophyllite, prehnite, scolecite, spirit quartz, optical calcite, shells, lepidolite, selenite, celestite, blue kyanite, angel aura quartz, clear topaz


Using Crystals with the Chakras

1) Place Chakra Stones Directly on the Body in Line With the Chakras

To do this, lie down and arrange the healing stones along your chakras by color and/or meaning to address your intent. Start with the root chakra and work your way up to encourage the flow of energy. Begin by placing the desired crystal directly on the body over the area of the chakra or near the body in the auric field. In general, the stones can be left in place for anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the person. When we work on all of the chakras simultaneously like this, we can enjoy a much more powerful outcome than we would if we worked only on one chakra at a time (although, when a certain chakra needs extra attention, giving it special attention is still a good idea).

2) Rest Near Chakra Crystals

Place stones under your pillow while sleeping or next to you as you are resting. In many cases, you will feel their energy impacting your mind, body and spirit just by being in their presence.

3) Meditate With Healing Stones

When we meditate with crystals, we enhance our practice and achieve deeper states of consciousness. You might choose to meditate next to a large amethyst geode or you can simply hold small tumbled stones in your hand or place chakra stones on your body in the corresponding position of each chakra.

While you meditate, envision the color of each healing stone doing its work, opening and rejuvenating each chakra, starting at the root chakra and working your way up.

If there are specific symptoms you are experiencing as a result of your chakras being blocked, or if there are certain outcomes you want to achieve by cleansing each chakra, then envision those intentions as you meditate. This will further enhance your results.

4) Wear Crystals

The more time you spend with your crystals, the more their frequencies will balance your personal energy field to provide chakra healing. That’s why wearing them or keeping them with you at all times is beneficial.

You can place tumbled stones in your pocket or you can wear crystal jewelry, such as a choker necklace for the throat chakra or a longer necklace for the heart chakra.

We have a wide assortment of bracelets, pendants, earrings, and even more necklaces, rings and other jewelry in our stores. We also have specific bracelets for each Chakra.

Quartz will work in any way your ask it to and can be a stand-in for crystals you don’t have.


Maintaining your Crystals

Just as we can all absorb energy from around us that is not resonant with our natural frequency, crystals can also absorb energy. It is important to remember that you are not clearing negative energy from your crystals, you are releasing energy that is not aligned with the energy of the crystal. By releasing that absorbed energy, the crystal will hold a consciousness that is natural to it.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. You can choose the method that feels best for you. Smudging using white sage is one way to cleanse your crystals. You would light the stick and allow the smoke to flow over the stones. Please be careful when working with smudging sticks and make sure that it is completely extinguished when you are finished.

You can use sound to cleanse your crystals as well. A crystal singing bowl can be chimed with your crystals near them to help them clear.


- By Dr. Andrea Hillstad, Naturopathic Doctor

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