Crystal Rock Gift Guide

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Crystal Rock Gift Guide

Shopping for others is sometimes a challenge... Here are a few gift ideas of stones, crystals and products we carry that make wonderful gifts (even for those hard to shop for or who 'have everything'.)


Gift for the Student
School spirit power bracelet or collection set - everything you need to get through school. Helps with stress, anxiety, focus, and calming, all while giving you inner strength, protection from negative energies, grounding scattered energies, and more. 

Gift for the Stressed-out Individual
Calming Paradise crystal candle - Coconut vanilla with Opalite Heart and Aquamarine. Opalite helps to soothe frayed nerves and calms anxiety. Clears any worries and attracts peaceful energy. Aquamarine carries the calming energy of the ocean, soothes and calms the emotions. 

Stressless essential oils are also a great way to help those who are stressed. The bergamot, copaiba and lavender help the nervous system while the woodsy aromas of cypress and cedar wood invoke relaxing nature.

Gift for the person who needs a good night’s sleep
Celestite cluster - Celestite fills the space with a soothing relaxing energy and creates a harmonious atmosphere which will lull you gently back to sleep.

Gift for the Adrenaline Junkie
Jet pendant - Jet is a powerful protection stone for the physical body, negative energies, and psychic attack.

Gift for the Beauty Queen
Facial Massage set - Made from 100% natural and high quality semiprecious stones. These elegant tools provide gentle yet effective massage for the eye, face, neck and body.   

Gift for the Loving Couple
Rose Quartz Flame - Rose Quartz emanates the frequency of love, keeping the foundation of the relationship strong. 

Gift for the Entrepreneur
Citrine - This stone helps increase confidence and clear mental blocks. Known as “The Merchants Stone,” it helps to bring in more money to your life, enhance and attract prosperity and success. 

Gift for Your Furry Friends
Stone Charm - Bling out your pet’s collar with one of our charms, available in multiple stones. 


Gift for those who enjoy Fragrant Items and air fresheners -
Switch from the artificial fragrances to the natural essential oils that also provide health benefits!  We have concentrates for diffusing or sprays that come in a huge variety of aromas from woodsy/earthy, citruses, floral, and more!

Gift for the Athlete or Older Adult in your life - Our Sore muscle and joint XL gel roll on is our number one selling natural product!  The essential oils and DMAE gel in this provide a cooling sensation and pain and inflammation relief.

Gift for those who love Jewelry or to Dress up - We have a HUGE selection of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more. Pick a stone that is their favorite color or purchase one based on the stone beneficial properties, like prosperity, stress relief, calming and love.

Gift for the History Buff - Give them a piece of history with a fossil rock! They’ll enjoy looking up additional information about it and letting others know all about it when they see it on their display. While we may have only a few online, our stores have a large variety in species, and sizes.


Gift for Teachers - We have many rocks that are perfect for the classroom that help with focus, or provide calming vibes. Or our all natural cleaning spray can help keep everyone healthy!

Gift for a Bus Driver - Bus drivers have a lot of responsibility. Give them a protection stone to carry with them or have on the bus to help everyone stay safe while traveling. You can find a clear quartz keychain or angel receptor in-stores!

Gift for Young Child - Our kid-safe amber necklace to help with teething and soothe growing pains. Or our Monster Away spray is excellent in helping rid of any ’scaries’ in their room.

Gift for your Boss or co-working - How about a nice rock slab as coaster? Our selenite chargers or coasters may even help to clear negative energy - shhh you can even be sneaky about it.

OR gift cards are always a great option too! (Our online e-gift cards are different from our in-store gift cards.)


If you can't find what you are looking for on our website - please visit one of our five locations for a larger selection!

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